StarCube going global in 2013

StarCube team from JIC just finished the approval process for this year StarCube program. Applications for 3 months accelerator program came from 15 countries including China, Armenia, Italy, Kazachstan, Hungary, Jordan or Palestina.

21 out of 45 teams were selected for StarCube Jam (17 in person, 4 online) – final selection event, where mentors choose the teams that might be interesting for participation in StarCube | Spring 2013.

This is a short list of approved participants with brief description of their projects:

  • Be Interactive (Czech Rep.) – interactive tablet games for small kids
  • City Family Card (Italy) – city family cards ecosystem
  • Crowdy (Czech Rep.) – “private cloud”-like backup system
  • Dancing Pillow / Braci (Jordan) – personal hardware alerting device
  • Explosion App (Czech Rep.) – private Facebook competitions made easy
  • FoodGraph (Czech Rep.) – system for improving better eating habits
  • Go-between News (Czech Rep.) – artificial intelligence for information overload
  • IT2TEST (Czech Rep.) – SEO monitor and optimizer
  • (USA + Czech Rep.) – system for referral employee hiring
  • (Czech Rep.) – educational math games
  • Moravia Microsystems (Czech Rep.) – tool for easier programming of microcontrollers
  • Note Tracker (Palestina) – online vectorisation of flipchart notes
  • OrganizeTube (Czech Rep.) – organizer for online video streams

If you missed StarCube | Spring 2013, prepare yourself for autumn light version of StarCube focused on very early stage projects. Next “full-size” StarCube will be launched in 2014.

Well, 13 teams were selected. „The dice is cast“ (original blogpost by StarCube). Let’s see, how Arabian teams will challenge Europeans. It’s gonna be an epic journey!


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