New COO at Phonexia

According to Gartner and other prophets, speech technology related market is going to be BIG. And Phonexia is one of the relevant players. Last years, we grew in fast pace, hiring talented people and reacting successfully to increasing demand from our customers. Now it’s time for someone to prepare company for much faster growth in the future.
To make long story short – Phonexia decided to hire/promote a COO (Chief Operation Officer). And who is the lucky guy? Surprise, it’s me. Starting from today.
I am happy for such an opportunity I was given just 1 year after joining the company. It is going to be a serious amount of work, but I look forward it. There will be probably some mysteries revealed as well. So, people, if you can’t reach me, I am working. Sorry. ;-)

Image by AnneMarks


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