I love a desk job

… at least few times a year. Usually after some exhausting sporting weekend. Such as the last one when I attanded Beskydska Sedmicka mountain marathon – our track was 92km hike with 5200m climb. Now, I am happy that I have a chair and I don’t have to walk anywhere.

When you sit whole week behind the desk, you need some good physical activity as a compensation. And it doesn’t matter how busy you are in your job, you need to work out. I didn’t care about sports for some time in my previous job which was irresponsible for myself. Fortunately, I realized that soon enough before becoming couch-pig.

To keep motivation for training, I need to have some challenging goal with a deadline. SMART goal – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-constraint. “Finishing whole track of Beskydska 7 2015” would do.

I attended Beskydska Sedmicka five years ago, when it started, together with my wife. We were in a good shape and hiked 82 km with 4000m climb, but we had to quit in 6/7th of the race because of serious knee pain. We tried also other sporting events of similar kind with similar results.
This year I returned with a team of inexperienced but sporty colleagues and tried to finish the race. Fortunately, we made it.
– 92 km track
– 5200 m climb (8 peaks in Beskydy)
– 16200 kcal burned (like 16 hours of run)
– time: 24 hrs

Since it takes a lot of time if you don’t run the whole mountain marathon, you have a lot of time to think. To think about anything. Work, life, work-life balance, “Why do I do this?”, “I am too old for such things, I should be sitting in my couch” and more.
Training for and passing through such an event can be also a very intensive teambuilding. You will find out that you are capable of greater things than you actually thought both individually and in team. And thats something you can’t do from your desk.

Now it’s time for bigger challenges…

DSC_3751Photo by B7

DSC_3293Photo by B7

beskydska7_2015_trackreport by utrack.crempa.net


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